Minus Space is delighted to present the solo exhibition Gabriele Evertz: Exaltation. This is the Brooklyn, New York-based artist’s third solo exhibition at the gallery and it will present a suite of new abstract color paintings.

Color has been the defining subject matter of Gabriele Evertz’s artistic practice for the past three decades. Her exhibition Exaltation presents new large-format abstract paintings that deepen and extend her color research and experimentation. In her new work, Evertz foregrounds “the intense, pure colors of the sun spectrum as seen against a changing field of variously increasing or decreasing light.” She presents these color constructs in fluctuating combinations of vertical bands and diagonal lines that together form energetic zigzags.

Although she initiates new paintings objectively, Evertz finds that “the world seems to have a way to insinuate itself into the work.” Her paintings first address the wonder of sight through the psychological and physiological effects of color, but direct viewers to engage with many other aspects of the human experience, including biology, chemistry, physics, optics, philosophy, literature, and history.

Evertz’s paintings are experiential. “We see color with our mind,” she states. She considers the viewer an equal partner who completes the purpose and meaning of her work. Evertz continues, “Viewing a painting in distance and duration – or space and time – is seeing with your inner self. You can read the painting in your own way, according to your cultural history.” Her ultimate desire is to unlock the potential for viewers “to see and engage passionately in untold visual discoveries.” About her exhibition, Evertz affirms, “this is my most resolute work – ‘entschlossen’, as Heidegger would say – and I believe, my most ecstatic series of paintings.”