Arusha Gallery is delighted to present the first solo exhibition seen in Scotland from renowned painter Carl Melegari featuring new work never before shown in the UK. Alongside the figurative work which he is widely known for, this exhibition will showcase a series of paintings for Arusha which capture aspects of the Scottish wildlife including the very popular Stags, Eagles and Highland Coos all painted in his distinct style.

Carl Melegari was born to Italian parentage and lives and works in Bristol.

His contemporary approach to painting explores the consistency of oil paint and the denseness of pigment to convey his semi-abstracted figures and landscapes. Focusing on the human form, often working from life models, Melegari's work is as much about the application of the paint and its reaction with surface, as it is about the subject of his paintings. Through the process of layering the paint onto the canvas, and scraping it back again, this energetic and expressionistic approach to his subjects unveils a sense of depth and life which radiates from the canvas yet his subjects, enveloped in paint and partly obscured emirate a sense of isolation and vulnerability.

Drawing upon his sculptural influences, such as Manuel Neri as well as from colourists, such as Morandi, Melegari's frequent use of a monochromatic palette generates the idea that he is playing with the reduction of form. Often abstracting and delineating parts to create a more non-figurative feel. Carl Melegari often uses this muted palette to replicate this sense of isolation and seclusion. He then applies paint liberally and without reserve allowing it to drip spontaneously to both literally and symbolically mirror the personality of the sitter.

Carl’s work has been exhibited internationally and we are delighted to be presenting a collection of his new work in our Edinburgh gallery throughout December.