The Groundnut is a South London based partnership of Folayemi Brown, Duval Timothy and Jacob Fodio Todd. The trio explore their heritage in Western and Eastern Africa by sharing their experiences with food.

In January 2012 they started running a series of dinners at St. Johns Hall, Tower Bridge, and they have since taken the concept to pastures new. In July 2013 they transformed Lewisham Arthouse’s gallery into a fully functional restaurant for two weeks, and it is here where they will return for another run of evenings from Wednesday 27 - Friday 29 November.

Each night guests are welcomed with a cocktail and plantain crisps, followed by a multiple course dinner when seated. Food is served banquet style, and menus are only revealed in full on the day of the event, but in their repertoire are any number of classic African dishes, many of which have been passed down through generations: from the fragrant and ubiquitous Western African dish, jollof rice, to innovative modern offerings like the butter bean terrine, inspired by the Nigerian dish moin-moin.

In between their London dinners, the Groundnut have been busy hosting nights at Le Bal Cafe, Paris, and served small chops at Meschac Gaba’s restaurant installation at the Tate Modern. To find out more about The Groundnut, see past menus or photos visit, see their Facebook page, or follow them on twitter @thegroundnut.

Lewisham Arthouse
140 Lewisham Way
London SE14 6PD United Kingdom
Ph. +44 (0)20 86919113

Opening hours
Wednesday - Sunday
From 12pm to 6pm