Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present The Fog Lovers Club, a solo exhibition by acclaimed San Francisco-based artist Jeremy Fish. To mark his 25th year in the city, Fish has created an expansive new body of work celebrating and embracing the history and constant change embedded in San Francisco.

Comprised of new paintings, drawings, and customized skateboard decks, The Fog Lovers Club is an honest portrait of the city by the Bay. Each piece incorporates iconic architecture, characters throughout the city’s history and the ever present fog that blankets our rolling hills. From historical figures like Lillie Coit and Emperor Norton to the more contemporary Jake Phelps and the artist himself, the new paintings celebrate the eccentric cast that have loved San Francisco and contributed to its beauty.

Jeremy Fish invites the viewer to see his beloved city through his adoring yet pragmatic eyes. At the heart of The Fog Lovers Club is a deep love and appreciation for the city, the communities that have helped build it and the history and possibility around each corner.