Since the artist's solo show earlier this year, her practice has continued to evolve to encompass the art of weaving. Clare’s chine colllé paintings are made by ripping a sheet of bible paper, painting the pieces and fixing them back together, and in a similar vein the loom-woven works emphasis is directed on the way the interlocking ‘shapes’ and colour planes meet and touch.

The weavings, although slow and meditative, emerge from spontaneous action without pre-planning; the artist gradually twists colour threads creating organic, curving shapes against the grid of the loom and applying a pallet of a painter. The distinction between weaving and painting becomes nearly obsolete.

Rather than striving for perfection in a traditional craft sense, the artist uses the medium to communicate conflicting impulses, mapping subconscious thoughts and feelings, creating not only a work of art in the form of undulating, instantly coloured uneven patterns, but also an experience and a site of performance.