We are surrounded by music- it proliferates our world, everywhere we go, all of the time. On the TV, the radio, in the movies- and in live performances as well- whether in a concert hall, a restaurant, a music club, or even on the street.

We may not feel it is possible for us to ever make music, certainly not music that other people would like to listen to- but we can go on dreaming.

Maybe, just maybe, there is a music inside of us which whispers into our heart and mind, a singing breeze which reminds us of beautiful and hidden ecstatic dimensions of our being, as well as sad, lost and lonely parts of ourselves, or the wild and passionate primitive in us who endured ages of time only to awaken with their senses fully alive in the 21st century.

Your ‘secret song’ is a song which no one else ever hears. Only we hear it.

At night, when lying in bed and unable to sleep, it emerges as if by itself, no radio in listening range. It stirs the hidden dreams within, calling us to bring forth the gifts we’ve been hiding not only from everyone else, but more importantly from ourselves.

Your ‘secret song’ is a song that we know by heart, even if we’ve never sung it out loud.

It carries through its melody and lyrics the energetic ‘DNA’ of our ancestry, our childhood dreams and imaginings, our grown-up resolutions and hopes, and our willingness to do whatever it takes to meet our destiny while here in this body, in this life.

Your ‘secret song’ is your ticket to freedom from whatever restrictions you may have placed upon yourself, beyond any defeatist mentality of old programming.

Born of our deepest aspiration, we know it better than any song we have ever heard sung by anyone else, or any song we have ever learned to play on the guitar or another instrument.

Your ‘secret song’ is always present to be listened to- a wish-fulfilling elixir forever on tap in your inner refreshment chamber, asking only that you bring your full attention to it, allowing its haunting sound and soul-inspiring words to enthrall your mind.

For those of you who read these words and are thinking, ‘Nice idea, but completely irrelevant to my life- I’ve never heard a ‘secret song’, and don’t even know I’d like it if I heard it’- my only response is, why immediately object to something that only refers to a kind and quiet reflection of who you are?

Because the secret song I speak of is actually an expression of kindness within- a kindness that first is oriented towards ourselves, not anyone else- and then, over time, as the resistance inside slowly melts away, we offer this kindness to those around us.

Your ‘secret song’ is a voice for kindness to yourself, happily pouring itself upon you all of the time.

If one day we allow ourselves to give expression to it- to let a song of kindness come through our voice- this is the day on which our ‘secret song’ transforms into an open declaration of love and gratitude for life, for who we are, and for those whom we meet along the pathway of our life.

Let the ‘secret song’ within you be a doorway into a new relationship with yourself.