The Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbao (b. 1972) explores and interprets her home country's historical culture and building traditions. The landscape plays a crucial role in her work and she works with it on various scales — from the Mexican countryside through urban landscapes to the 'internal landscape' of the individual building.

The exhibition with Tatiana Bilbao's work is the third in Louisiana's exhibition series The Architect's Studio. Her work ranges wide: for example a pilgrimage route in Mexico with several architects involved; a botanical garden in Culiacán; or new dwellings. In addition Bilbao always works with people from a number of other disciplines such as philosophers and sociologists.

The analysis of the landscape and the social conditions also forms the basis for a small but important project in Mexico City, where crime rates are high: a line of light that will make it possible for women to walk safely through remote parts of the city.

The Mexican cultural, artistic and construction tradition — involving for example the use of rammed earth — plays a crucial role in Bilbao’s works. The fundamental idea is that the architecture must have an instant effect on the people who have to use it. The exhibition is being mounted in collaboration with Tatiana Bilbao and will portray the architect, her working methods and philosophy, as well as her most important buildings.

The exhibition is supported by Realdania. Sponsor of Louisiana’s architectural exhibitions.