In the first major showing of the artist’s work in a public institution in Scotland, the sixth and final exhibition in the NOW series highlights the work of Scottish artist Katie Paterson (b.1981). Born in Glasgow, and a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art and Slade School of Fine Art, London, Paterson is considered one of the leading artists of her generation. Her works are the result of long periods of research and involve collaboration with specialists in scientific and other fields in order to translate complex ideas into physical, often poetic works of art.

NOW will delve into the theme of time. Paterson’s work explores deep time, the cosmos, and the place of humans in relation to these phenomena – ideas that have been central to the artist’s work for more than a decade. Among the works featured will be Paterson’s mesmerising installation Totality (2016), a large - scale mirror ball created from almost all known images of solar eclipses captured by humankind, and Light Bulb to Simulate Moonlight (2008), held in National Galleries of Scotland’s collection. Delving into the theme of time further will be artists Darren Almond, Shona Macnaughton and Lucy Raven.

Darren Almond is a British Artist who in 2005 was shortlisted for the Turner Prize. NOW will focus on his evocative series Fullmoon, a collection of long exposure photographs made by the light of the full moon. Time is a central aspect of the creation and subject of these ethereal works. Shona Macnaughton is an artist based in Glasgow whose work Progressive 2017 brings together a script, photographic documentation and props from a performance made by the artist in the east end of Glasgow in 2017. Performed when she was nine-months pregnant, the work responded to the politics of change embedded in regeneration projects, as well as the changing nature of the pregnant body. Lucy Raven is an American artist whose work focuses on animation and moving image, incorporating multiple disciplines including still photography, installation, sound and performative lecture. In her short video work The Deccan Trap, 2015, Raven animates collaged photographic images to explore image-making through time.

The NOW programme is being made possible thanks to the support of the NGS Foundation, Kent and Vicki Logan, Walter Scott and Partners Limited, Robert and Nicky Wilson, Boris Yeung and Amy Ng, and other donors who wish to remain anonymous. Katie Paterson’s presentation is generously supported by the Katie Paterson Exhibition Circle (Robert Devereux, Geoff Ainsworth and Johanna Featherstone, Francis H Williams, Alistair and Susan Duff, Anthony and Jean Harrison and Chris O’Hare), and Ingleby Gallery.