The exhibition of works by Milan Grygar (born 1926) in the Great Hall of the Trade Fair Palace is a retrospective of this major Czech artist known for interconnecting sound, image and body movement.

Starting in the mid-1960s, Grygar connected visual outcome – drawing on paper – with a recording of how the drawing was created by means of the contact between object and paper surface in a unique manner and probably for the first time in history. It highlighted the temporal dimension of a drawing, its beginning and end in time, its gradation and rhythm, opening up the way to a half-century of research in the field of artworks as audio-visual event.

The exhibition presents a video of major actions and drawings with sound recordings of their creation. The paintings to which Grygar later returned as an artistic depiction of sound and light dynamics are also on display, as are a series of spatial scores, sculpture realizations of original paper designs. A large set of contemporary paintings done in the last two years rounds out the exhibition.