One. Two. Andy – One photo, two artists, and the myth of Pop Art will exhibit the duo, Serena Maisto and Raul who, each with their own personal style, reinterpreted a photograph shot by Karen Bystedt, belonging to the series “The Lost Warhols”.

Serena Maisto and Raul, in their interaction with Bystedt and Warhol, operate by adhering to their own personal poetics. The first – inaugurating a new phase of her artistic career- reflects on the theme of desegregation, almost cellular of the image: “The decomposition of the image contains within it a very simple concept of life, the return to zero, to nothing, to the origins of everything, and shows how from a biological point of view, we are all the same. However, it is incredible how the brain can still recognize even the eye of Andy Warhol, or the hair “.

Raul instead materializes the reflection on photography, through the pictorial, instinctive and primordial gesture, typical of his production: “I was struck by Warhol’s gaze in the photo shoot, which deeply penetrates into the viewer and this encouraged my gestural meditation, which resulted in the use of various techniques and colors”.

“The exhibition is completely innovative compared to the usual exhibitions proposed by our gallery, because it focuses, for the first time, on the photographic medium. It also encourages the interaction between four artists, while at the same time four different declinations of the work of art – states Patrizia Cattaneo Moresi, Director of Artrust SA – first of all, Serena Maisto and Raul, who with their creations are confronted with the original photography by Karen Bystedt, and eventually Andy Warhol himself, who in his iconic being is a work of art personified”.