Space In Between is delighted to present Bricoleurze, an exhibition of new work by Annie Davey & Tom Railton. Bricoleurze has been co-curated by Natasha Hoare and features commissioned work by both artists.

Taking the site of the gallery in Regent Studios, and the near surrounding area, as a starting point for this exhibition both Railton & Davey have sought to weave a narrative in to and around the area’s history as well as its recent state of change and gentrification.

Tom Railton & Annie Davey’s works use a para-fictional strategy to explore architecture and the role of the designer or town planner within the context of an industrial space – in this case Regent Studios – with a nod toward the absurdity of café culture, urban spread, new housing and gentrification.

Bricoleurze features video work, sculpture and drawings, as well as a performance by Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau and a publication including texts by historian David Morris and curator Natasha Hoare. The publication acts as part archive and part bibliography - a physical manifestation of the conversations that have surrounded the creation and curation of the works on show.

Annie Davey uses narrative and the circulated digital image to inhabit processes of history production and collective memory. She recently graduated from MFA at Goldsmiths and has exhibited this year at PG, Istanbul, The Woodmill, London and LoBe, Berlin.

Tom Railton recently graduated from MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design where he was awarded the GAM Gilbert de Botton prize. He has also been shortlisted for the St Vincent European Art Prize. Tom has exhibited widely at the Liverpool Biennial (Independents), Corn Exchange, Leeds, SWG3 Glasgow, and the Electric Works, Sheffield.