The Medium's Medium opens at The Gallery of Everything in Chiltern Street with a contemporary examination of Spiritualism.

The installation will include material from the 1950s to the present day, including contributions by artists Tony Oursler, Jan Švankmajer, Eva Švankmajerová and Shannon Taggart.

Surrealist filmmaker Jan Švankmajer and his wife, painter Eva Švankmajerová, were personal and professional partners for almost half a century. These two formidable Czechoslovakian artists were drawn to Spiritualism; and the movement is central to their prolific output. The Gallery of Everything will present a rarely seen body of work, featuring guided drawings and paintings by both artists. Executed prior to her demise in 2005, Švankmajerová’s artworks are attributed to a divine force; whereas Švankmajer’s drawings, created intermittently over the last decade, are often attributed to his beloved (and deceased) spouse.

Complementing their work, considerable space will also be given over to the 20th century Czech mediumistic practices long championed by this artistic couple.

Photographer Shannon Taggart has spent almost twenty years documenting fragments of spiritualist subculture and shedding light on concurrent practices. In this, her first major UK exhibition, a limited edition of photographs will be available from Séance, her inaugural monograph (also available in preview copies throughout the show).

The Gallery of Everything welcomes multi-disciplinary artist Tony Oursler, whose critically acclaimed Imponderable collection revolves around turn-of-the-century mysticism. Oursler will support the project with a performative commentary on the artists featured in the show and his own lifelong fascination with Spiritualism and its offshoots.