Installed as a large scale couch, ten individual Glade units plus two Glade corner units made of Batipan plywood will be covered in French wool army blankets, both being signature Owens materials and an echo of the original bed made for his home. Although presented as one piece, each Glade element can stand in its own right, complete with individual lighting, internet conduit and phone charger. At a later date, Carpenters Workshop Gallery will offer these units in different materials including the signature concrete.

Rick Owens comments: «A glade can be a clearing in a forest gently illuminated by the sky filtering light through a canopy of trees… A canopy that shelters a scattering of some broken and jagged rocks that softly glitter in a muted grey insulated forest/cave… Rocks that have been carved into shiny helmet crowns to wear in the glade…»

The exhibition also features an ‘explosion‘ of Prong stools made of aluminum, a new edition of the original curial chair and eight new Aztec crowns, silver and black chrome plated using a unique method, which give a first impression of the upcoming Rick Owens fashion show in Paris at the end of September.

Glade is produced by Michele Lamy who has been the primary creative force behind this show. Loic Le Gaillard comments: «We look forward to presenting a new collection of limited-edition design by Rick Owens in his third solo exhibition at Carpenters Workshop Gallery. Owens consistently draws inspiration for his sculptural furniture from a wide range of art historical sources that span brutalist architecture, modernist design and, minimal art. Working with craftsmen of the highest calibre, he has developed a collection of pieces that express his signature iconic and radical style in cut, volume, and plan.”