Prolonging the summer feeling, the gallery will transform the space with colourful and playful limited-edition design by internationally acclaimed artists, inviting visitors to discover the world of collectible design and functional art.

The first section of the space is dedicated to a range of furniture works by artists from Carpenters Workshop Gallery’s roster, including Lionel Scoccimaro’s neon works that mirror the pop up’s theme, spelling out ‘Summer is an Attitude’. The display is highly sensory, with tactile pieces of contrasting textures, including: The Campana Brothers’ playful array of chairs, with their stuffed animal seats alongside their Harumaki Chairs, created from rubber and rolled carpet remnants to resemble sushi rolls; Maarten Baas’ Clay collection in bright reds, yellows and greens as well as his Mantel Clock Sweepers; Robert Stadler’s Monochrome blue leather sofa; Wonmin Park’s Red, Yellow and Green Haze Armchairs; Vincent Dubourg’s vibrant yellow, textured Bhanga sideboard; Mathieu Lehanneur’s Ocean Memories marble tables; Ron Arad’s sculptural The Big Easy chair and Random International’s Self Portrait, a light-reactive screen print on canvas with electronic UV.

A section of the space will be illuminated by a section dedicated to sculptural lamps, including Studio Drift’s iconic Dandelight, fusing nature and technology with hand-picked dandelion seeds glued to LED lights. Studio Job’s witty pieces including Banana Lamp and Tiffany Tree Lamp will be shown alongside Stuart Haygarth’s Island made of Corian, Spun metal and ceramic bird figurines. Geometric forms feature in Giacomo Ravagli’s hand-carved lamp Barametro.

An area of jewellery made exclusively for Carpenters Workshop Gallery will be presented. Treated as collectible nomadic sculptures, in keeping the gallery ethos and DNA, all pieces are unique or produced in limited editions.

Hermien Cassiers’ intricate pieces created with interconnected geometrical gold links are shown alongside ebony and gold sculptural pieces by Palwer, Alice Cicolini enamel totemic form rings and organic gold designs by Kayo Saito.