Pan-artist IC Putincanin sets off from the Adriatic coast into a one year adventure caravan across Europe in a quest for selfie poetry. The caravan starts in Tivat, where it will return after a journey of one year through Belgrade, Vienna, Stuttgart, Zurich... The event in Naval Heritage Collection starts a series of interactive exhibitions directed by the artist herself. Friends from Porto Montenegro will host this kick-off event on 28th September at 8pm in line with PM philosophy A life less ordinary – an event full of less ordinary people, wine and amusement.

IC will reveal visitors other perspectives onto the selfie, a phenomenon as old as the civilisation. Modern selfies are outcomes of an instant emotion, the blink of self reflection that repeats so frequently that can be compared with the daily tobacco consumption of the average smoker. IC’s urge to interfere and interrupt the untouchable human–phone intimacy line emanates from her fascination with such selfie-economy. This straight line is being transformed by her artistic act into a triangle that invites everyone to get involved. A single glance is enough, she will do the rest – let yourselfie be.

Defining IC as an architect, who is positioned with more than 70 projects at the very top of the scene, falls short of understanding her creativity and power. She not only is a visionary but strives to execute and implement every single bit of her never resting mind. Such rare individuals are recognised as Gesamtkunstwerk artists, creators that produce comprehensive synthesized artworks, aimed to reach all senses. Yet, for IC an art piece is «finished» only after a self-interpretation, which is sort of a selfie-critique. Visitors of the Caravan will be given an opportunity to experience such interpretations and take them along.