Laura Forman creates precise pastel drawings and plaster sculptures of ordinary, unremarkable objects. She subtly manipulates these commonplace artifacts in ways that throw their meanings into question. A figurine of a little girl has a cross of ashes on her forehead, an anvil is embossed with the word “Utopiae,” and a battle monument is contrasted with an ancient termite mound on commemorative plates.

A primitive wooden club, composed of white plaster, is transformed into a pristine, ephemeral object. Despite the specificity of her manipulations, Forman makes room for a variety of associations, delivering the implication of meaning rather than the certainty of it, offering a point of play between her world and the world of the viewer.

Los Angeles-based Laura Forman has had solo exhibitions at Sloan Projects, Santa Monica, CA, and the California Insitute for the Arts, Valencia, CA, and has been a part of group exhibitions at High Energy Constructs, Los Angeles, CA; the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; and the California Insitute of the Arts, Valencia, CA. In 2005, she received a Selected Honor from the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery.