Noga gallery is cordially inviting you to "Origins", Hilla Toony Navok's solo exhibition.

In "Origins", Navok displays an installation which consists of sculptural environments and a colorful series of drawings.

Navok exhibits sculptural works that are assembled of multi-colored metal surfaces, pipes, aluminum poles, PVC fabric, cleaning products, and shelving units – fantastical but bodiless ventilation and cleaning systems and architectural-constructive environments with airy, drawing-like natures that range from abstract to concrete.

By means of popular Israeli design codes and by using every day products in conjunction with a glance to past canonic periods, Navok examines with irony the formalistic, abstract core at the heart of the relation of our culture to cleaning, body and dirt.

In opposition to the synthetic nature of the sculptures, Navok presents a series of "Draining Drawings" – large scale toiling and colorful drawings with organically moving marks that freeze and solidify in a moment between stability and collapse.

Navok's drawings are composed of compressed and dense lines that assemble into what seems like a sculptural object, which continues her practice of investigating the affinity between two dimensional and three dimensional and between drawing and object.

Navok is an MFA graduate of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (2009). She is a recipient of the Givon Prize for young artists from the Tel Aviv Museum (2011) and the Creative Encouragement Award of the Israel Ministry of Culture & Sport (2012). Navok has participated in various exhibitions both in Israel and abroad, amongst them solo exhibitions at the Haifa Museum of Art and at Local_30 gallery (Warsaw, Poland). She has also participated in Art Cologne (Germany), and group exhibitions in the Ashdod Museum of Art -Monart Centre, Neues Museum in Weimar (Germany), the Herzliya Biennial of Contemporary Art, CCA Tel Aviv, Rosenfeld gallery (Tel Aviv), Sommer Contemporary Art gallery (Tel Aviv), Rockefeller Museum (Jerusalem) and ARTLV (Tel Aviv, 2008). Navok co-curated the second Herzliya Biennial of Contemporary Art (2009) and was co-editor of the art magazine Picnic.

All images Hilla Toony Navok, Origins, detail, 2013.

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