9 Projects from 9 federal provinces: With a small but fine selection of particularly interesting models from the Az W Collection, the Az W creates an architectural portrait of Austria.

As the Austrian architecture museum we have an Austria-wide collection at our disposal. This time in our series Showcase to the Courtyard, we present an architectural picture of Austria with an array of new buildings from the North to the South and from the East to the West in all of their regional diversity. From the hotel to the school, from the housing complex to sacred buildings, from the museum to the town square — we centre-stage exceptional Austrian buildings at the Az W.

Each federal state is represented by one model. Each of these models exemplifies neuralgic themes that play a key role in Austria’s architectural landscape. The ground-breaking projects of the past decades are testimonials to a diverse Austrian architectural scene whose structural and material diversity reacts to use-related and topographical peculiarities with sensitivity. Because architecture never stands alone, but is always embedded in the cultural, scenic and social conditions of a region.

The architectural ‘Österreichbild’ can be seen as a temporary installation in our permanent exhibition ‘a_show’ (Exhibition Hall 1). It is complemented by a spectacular diorama in the large shop window facing the Az W courtyard.