Bartha Contemporary is pleased to announce "New Space | New Work", a presentation of recent paintings by Swiss artist Beat Zoderer. The artist’s fourth solo-show with the gallery marks the opening of the gallery’s new private space in St James’s.

At first Beat Zoderer’s works appear to be based on mathematical systems, however, nothing could be further from the truth. Despite being methodically structured, the largely spontaneous process of conception is guided by a desire to create order in chaos.

Drawing on the formal language that shares affinities with historic works of geometric abstraction, the artist cleverly undermines the inherent rigour of geometric works though his signature playful use of materials, colour and form. Bestowing each work a complexity that continues to evolve as the object reveals its underlying structure. The processes used intentionally allow for imperfections and mistakes.

Trained as an Architect in Zürich, Zoderer continues to make large scale interventions in the public sphere. Works by Zoderer can be found on every continent, fitting for an artist who has travelled and worked across the globe. Indeed many of the artist’s works inadvertently draw on his experiences in India, time spent in Italy and more recently the US and Africa.

This presentation is part of a series of installations marking the opening of Bartha Contemporary’s new private space in London St. James’s. Open by appointment, this space offers a unique and decisively private platform for contemporary culture in London.