Takata Fuyuhiko (b. 1987 in Hiroshima) has expressed themes as diverse as religion, myth, fairytales, gender, trauma, sex, and the BL (“Boys’ Love“) manga sub-genre, in humorous, occasionally erotic videos with a pop sensibility.

Dissecting, commenting on, and exaggerating universal human themes in unconventional ways, Takata’s works look absurd, but are in fact meticulously composed. Thus though humorous in nature, they serve as caricatures of a sort that raise a variety of issues.

Of particular note is their critical take on definitions of masculine and feminine, at a time when these are being increasingly called into question. MAM Screen 011 will home in on the myriad delights of Takata’s oeuvre by presenting, in a single screening, eleven of his video works, spanning the years 2007 to 2019.