“We are the last generation that can stop climate change”, was stated during the United Nation’s climate change conference in late 2018. The Last Generation exhibition by Photofuss group contemplates current environmental issues.

As young people under the age of 26 we are particularly concerned about climate change, as it will radically affect the future for us and our descendants.

The environment is everything that exists around us. It is simultaneously physical and mental, private and shared, cultural and universal. Now our common environment is under attack because of us, and we need to ask what we can do to save it.

How to live in an environmentally friendly way? How are self-awareness and environmental consciousness connected? How does environment affect the creation of memories? What does the last young generation look like? What is considered important in an urban environment? These are a few questions the exhibition seeks to address.

Photofuss is the youth group of the Finnish Museum of Photography, uniting a dozen of 18–26 -year-old participants interested in art and culture. The group is formed annually, and the application period for new members is open every spring.

The exhibition is built by group members Vladislav Bakanov, Iris Blauberg, Sonja Hyytiäinen, Oona Markkanen, Elle Sumelius, Oksana Lebedeva & Ronja Tammenpää, and it has been previously on display in May-June 2019 at The Free City of Kalasatama – Living Room in the shopping center REDI.