Water is the primary source of all life on Earth and essential for every human being. Rivers and seas shaped the landscape for millions of years and formed the point of departure for spreading the human race across the world. Advanced civilisations arose almost always at the water’s edge, and many wars were fought over water.

In addition, this primal element is also the source of bodily well-being; it relieves illnesses, or is simply a source of pleasure and fun when immersing oneself in it and swimming. The exhibition on the upper floor explores the effect of water on mind and body and shows how it was used over the centuries in the City and Land of Salzburg.

Water was and is a primary theme in the arts as well. Since time immemorial, artists have endeavoured to represent rivers, lakes, waterfalls and the sea. The exhibition in the basement shows not only Hubert Sattler’s Cosmoramas, but also illustrations of waterfalls and gorges in the Federal Land of Salzburg, especially those captured through the still young medium of photography.