The artist couple Eric O. W. Ehrström (1881–1934) and Olga Gummerus-Ehrström (1876–1938) are little-known figures in Finnish art history. Many of the works and sketches seen in the exhibition are being displayed for the first time.

Olga (Olli) was a talented portrait painter who also designed and implemented stained glass paintings, textiles and other ornamental art works in collaboration with her husband. Eric (Bucklan) was a well-known and respected artist and industrial designer who completed his most important work for the architectural firm Gesellius, Lindgren, Saarinen.

The exhibition is spread over both Serlachius Museums. Art Museum Gösta’s exhibition focuses on Olga’s paintings and drawings. At Gustaf, works related to Ehrströms’ personal history, Eric’s decorative craft-based design and the couple’s cooperation with Gösta Serlachius are on show. The exhibition is curated by Helena Hänninen and Pälvi Myllylä.