The foundation for the exhibition A Premonition of Shadow consists of paintings made over the past year. Together, they create a compact whole with regard to both form as well as content.

They are something of a synthesis of a number of the motifs and themes on which Joself Bolf has previously focused and never entirely left behind. In his new work, he returns to the technique of scrape painting, which he more or less abandoned almost ten years ago. However, even at first glance it is apparent that these are different. His most recent painting experience, a sort of “pure painting”, which he introduced at his solo show at the Špala Gallery, has made a significant entrance into the form.

Considered from a distance, it seems that this phase is absolutely critical for subsequent development. Nonetheless, despite this visible difference, Bolf is elaborating on themes that have appeared in his art before, however they are intermingling with other possible worlds. In order to provide an indication of these links and references, the exhibited selection contains some older works, including some that have not yet been shown.