The artists Anton Faistauer, Egon Schiele and Felix Albrecht Harta first met in Vienna. Faistauer and Schiele had been fellow students at the Academy of Fine Arts since 1906. Harta got to know them three years later in an artists’ circle in a café. Where did the three painters come from and what company did they keep? Who were their friends and colleagues, male and female, and where did their paths cross? This exhibition gives us the proud opportunity to host the collection of the Belvedere, Vienna, and to address these questions.

Here in Salzburg, renowned artists, who were also friends, now celebrate a reunion once more in the form of their works. We follow them on their travels and get to know their wives, women and families. Through their artistic works, letters and photographs we can experience an encounter with their friends and fellow artists. They were already here in the city more than a hundred years ago, either represented as artists of the Wassermann artists’ association in an exhibition, or, as with Faistauer and Harta, their presence turned Salzburg for several years into the “hub of Europe”.