Featuring 300 works by 106 artists from all genres, Point of No Return — thirty years after “1989” — is the first appreciation of how fine arts perceived the Peaceful Revolution in the GDR and the radical change of East German society.

The exhibition incorporates the immediate history as much as it does the period of post-1989 transformation, illuminating the “cracks in the Wall” that had already existed in the 1980s and the reasons for their emergence. It also addresses the unexpected fall of the Wall and the redefinition of artistic purpose in the time of social revolution. The exhibition is not limited to a subculture of East German artists and instead showcases work by the “Remainers”, the “Rebels and Refomers” and the “Dissidents” who bade farewell to the GDR before its collapse, as well as the “Next Generation”.

Point of No Return is organised with the generous support of the Peter and Irene Ludwig Foundation and the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation.