This vast new art work will be one of the most ambitious visual portraits of citizenship ever undertaken, in one of the world’s largest and most diverse cities.

Explored through the vehicle of the traditional school class photograph, Steve McQueen, together with Tate, Artangel and A New Direction, invited every Year 3 primary school class in London to be photographed. These class photos will be brought together into a single large-scale installation, capturing tens of thousands of Year 3 schoolchildren in a milestone year in their development.

There’s an urgency to reflect on who we are and our future […] to have a visual reflection on the people who make this city work. I think it’s important and in some ways urgent.

(Steve McQueen)

Running in parallel to the exhibition at Tate Britain, Artangel will stage an outdoor exhibition spanning London’s 33 boroughs, giving the public a glimpse of the future of their city.

The exhibition will be free to visit, with families warmly welcomed at weekends and in the holidays.

Please note that for the duration of Steve McQueen: Year 3 at Tate Britain we will be prioritising visits from the 70,000 pupils who feature in the exhibition, therefore schools’ visits to Tate Britain from November 2019 to May 2020 will be reserved for participating schools only.

If you are a school that participated in the project this year and would like to book your visit then please visit Tate Year 3 Project website.