Painting is one of the disciplines encompassed by the Theatre of Orgies and Mysteries of Hermann Nitsch. His approach to this art form is deeply rooted in actionism, performance, and multimediality. Painting represents both the origin and the outcome of Nitsch’s actions. And with the exhibition NITSCH. Spaces of Color, the ALBERTINA Museum now aims to allow Nitsch’s painted works to be perceived not as part of a greater whole, but as paintings in and of themselves for the first time.

Nitsch’s painting explodes typical panel painting dimensions, conquering walls in an all-over manner and intervening in spaces in the form of comprehensive installations. This exhibition reveals an artist who has continually elaborated upon his conception of painting since the 1960s—developing approaches specific to every painting action and every group of works. The results of these approaches can now be entered and experienced as rooms of colors and as installations featuring all-over painting.

The exhibition is on view from 17 May to 11 August 2019.