After the tremendous success in the Lower East Side (March 2012) and SoHo (May 2013), sarahcrown appears for the third time revitalizing today an empty storefront in the East Village, New York. This time the focus is on contemporary Brazilian art featuring well-known multimedia artist Raul Mourão and sound designer Marcos Kuzka. The show is the result of her passionate research on the effects that technology and new media have on arts and culture.

#DocDotMov means documentation, archiving, and movement at the same time. Through photography, sculpture, and painting (.Doc) and kinetic installations, video, and light projections (.Mov) the spectator is made to rethink his/her position, emotions, and social values within the expanded field of visual and digital communication.

#DocDotMov investigates contemporary art practice in times of new media, digitalization, and social networking, showcasing the (moving) image and mirroring an ever changing social environment. #DocDotMov introduces a new idea for conceiving art thanks to, and based on, contemporary/social media in order to enjoy and share visual information.

“My interest is to discover how our “on-line society” affects the arts. Through my interventions I want to spread the knowledge for art and culture, and to create a network between the stakeholders and curious people” says curator Sarah Corona who moved to New York in 2012 initiating this curatorial project under the alias sarahcrown, offering a new concept of interaction between artists and public. 

#DocDotMov introduces existing and new artworks by Raul Mourão, an unedited Instagram art project, and a video piece by sound designer Marcos Kuzka, conceived expressly for this exhibition.

Raul Mourão
Raul Mourão (Rio de Janeiro, 1967), lives and works in New York and Rio de Janeiro. He studied at the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage and exhibits since 1991. His works are made of a vocabulary of visual plastic elements and references to sports, architecture, the taverns and the marking of public works. In 2010 he began his series of kinetic sculptures that were displayed in the major international art exhibitions, both in South America and Europe (f.e.: Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro; Art Basel Miami; Galeria Nara Roesler, São Paulo; Lurixs Arte Contemporânea, Rio de Janeiro; Bela Maré Art Center, Rio de Janeiro; Sommerset House, London). #DocDotMov is his first exhibition in New York since his arrival in the United States.

Marcos Kuzka
Marcos Kuzka, (Rio de Janeiro, 1968) is a sound/media composer and musician who lives and works in Rio De Janeiro and New York. He worked with the most important musicians and film makers of Brazil and composed sounds and soundtracks for several internationally known artists such as Ernesto Neto, Antonio Bokel, Anna Bella Geiger. He realized also the music for several movies ("Fabulous Fabio (2005) ", "Only Ten Percent is Lies" (2008), "Representatives" (2010 ), "Mama Africa" (2010),"Gross adventure in verse" (2011), “Totally innocent" (2012), "Sobral" (2012)) and participated in the recording of Grammy and Brazilian Music Awarded CD’s and DVD’s. #DocDotMov is his first exhibition in New York since his arrival in the United States.

Bikinis Salon,
56 Avenue C (btw 4th and 5th)
New York
Friday Oct 11, 6-9 pm I Afterparty @Nublu 9 pm – open
Friday October 11, 6-9 pm
Show: Oct 11-18, 6-9 pm I Supported by Xingu beer

For more information:
Ph: +1 347 3934911