Curated by Larry Bell, one of America’s most renowned and influential artists, Echoes of Light will feature a selection of concave paintings, alongside Andy’s newest circle and hexagonal pieces created especially for the London showcase. This exhibition also coincides with JD Malat Gallery’s landmark 1st anniversary; a fitting celebration to mark one year since the Mayfair-based gallery opened to much acclaim in June 2018.

Andy’s distinctive style is simultaneously abstract and representational; the technical fluidity of his work with acrylics in Echoes of Light reflect his experiences of growing up surrounded by incredible landscapes, and serve to mimic nature and its forces. He uses a unique process of preparing layers of floating paint before allowing them to flow across the surface. Andy first began work on concave surfaces in 2003, allowing him to further play with light, as well as creating a greater feeling of depth. The concave paintings sway between pure abstraction and sweeping vistas of various types of landscapes including the ocean, desert, sky, clouds and even tectonic shifts - both real and imaginary. In the circular and hexagonal paintings, it appears as if one has zoomed in on these vistas and compressed and contorted them to suggest a new kind of space, that still alludes to organic forms but from a more microscopic or macroscopic point of view.

Commenting on his work Andy says; “My quest is to create the sensation of light that appears to be emanating from the surface of the painting rather than being reflected off of it. I use a variety of pearlescent pigments that appear to shift in hue and vibrancy as the viewer moves around the painting.”

Andy continues, “When the opportunity to exhibit my work in London came up, Larry, who is an old family friend, immediately volunteered to help me select the pieces. His suggestions were invaluable in creating a well-rounded presentation of my work. I am extremely grateful for his advice, involvement, and continual support and am honoured to be working with JD Malat Gallery for my first solo show in London.”

Speaking of Andy’s work, renowned artist Jeff Koons says “I’ve always loved Andy’s work. It’s interesting how it embraces many dialogues within the history of painting, from nature, landscape and science to abstraction. The paintings embrace everything while at the same time a sense of negation is always present. This polarity allows you to discover your relationship with the work itself. There’s always a sublime beauty within the work. The co-mingling of time and space, both real and abstract, is one of the most relevant aspects of Andy’s work to me. Moses’ work is powerful and extreme, from the beginning to today, in concept and execution.”

“We are honoured to be showcasing Andy’s debut show, carefully curated by Larry Bell, here in London. The echoes of nature are felt as we gaze upon Andy’s paintings. It is a real pleasure to exhibit a show which brings two amazing artists and visionaries together.” Gallery Founder Jean-David Malat speaks on the upcoming exhibition. In June, JD Malat Gallery are celebrating their first year, having hosted 7 successful exhibitions to date with many more exciting shows in the pipeline.