Invited by Galerie Virginie Louvet, Noemi Ferst presents us with a garden of remembrance for the women in her life. This exhibition or narrative resonates like an ode to femininity and the patience required by humans with regard to nature.

Noemi Ferst plucks the women around her and pays tribute to their characters, subtlety and strength. She has always admired, observed and played music that cuts to the heart, here she offers us a visual version of these vibrations through layer upon layer of colours reminiscent of musical notes, cleverly combined lending character to each composition.

In Portraits, Noemi Ferst explores the fragility of life, the earth’s fertility and harmonious relationships with femininity.

Flowers have a limited life span but the artist offers them to us in a permanent form, a still life of our era as such.This delicate and contemporarymemento mori draws us into her very distinctive world, that of a young woman ‘in bloom’, but resounding with the inner strength of a flourishing artist.

Each flower reveals the finesse and dexterity required, urging visitors to admire the works from various distances.

Noemi Ferst uses a technique and an age-old, widely used material – paper, which is cheap and readily available.

Through her work, the artist considers relations with femininity and nature in society today. She highlights the interdependency between these two universes. Adopting a somewhat holistic approach to nature and the creative process, she emphasises respect and admiration for what the hand of nature provides.

The artist works in harmony with the process and each of her works calls for a meditation of sorts on the wonders of nature when treated with enough care and attention. She finely tunes her art of drawing and minutia intuitively in her garden boasting a permanent array of flowers.

Noemi Ferst (* 1986, Los Angeles) grew up in France with English, Polish, Israeli and Chinese origins. She currently lives and works in Paris. After a ten year music-related career, she is re-engaging with her first love, visual art. One of her previous projects is a temporary and olfactory immersive work made of fresh flowers in 2015 and the co-production of the scenography for the duo Polo & Pan’s tour.

She is also co-founder of Radiooooo, a platform dedicated to exploring music worldwide spanning centuries.