A memoirist creates narratives from the nexus of life’s reflections; revelations and turning points transform into diaries of experience, nostalgic photographs, love letters, and paintings.

Artist, writer, and musician, Carol Es uses a wide spectrum of media to express personal, yet universal, stories of existential depth with humor and wit. In her new solo exhibition, "Memoir", she presents a collection of oil and mixed media paintings, small gouaches on San Fernando Valley area maps, and drawings from "The Journal Project"—her ongoing diary made by hand-cutting garment patterns of manila paper and spontaneously marking them using only the tools of the manufacturing trade.

Additionally, Craig Krull Gallery will host the launch of Es’s first major bookwork of nonfiction, "Shrapnel in the San Fernando Valley". She will be reading an excerpt from this memoir, offering a short Q&A, and signing paperbacks, hardcovers, and special editions of the book, just prior to the exhibition reception.