The theme for the 2019 summer exhibition with the Absolut Art Collection is Photography. The exhibition presents 60 artworks from the collection, by 23 renowned photographers in the fine art and fashion industry. Made between the years 1990-2004, they reflect the decades of Hip-Hop, techno, the end of the cold war and the beginning of the digital era.

Among the chosen works in Absolut Art Collection: Photo are Helmut Newton’s iconic fashion photographs taken in a typical Swedish summer landscape, Annie Leibovitz’s celebrity portraits, first shown in the Millenium celebration edition of Vanity Fair. Th evocative photographs by Swedish photographer Dawid are another highlight.

The Absolut Art Collection at Spritmuseum contains more than 850 works of art from about 550 artists, created during the period 1986-2004. It is a colorful, multilingual, in-the-know – and at times, naïve – collection. Internationally famous and renowned artists sit side by side with lesser known, local names. The collection spans across isms and themes in the art world – and through all of its spheres. Here you will find paintings, graphic art, photography, furniture, fashion and handicrafts. All works have been used for global advertising campaigns for Absolut Vodka.

When the Swedish state sold Absolut Vodka and the remainders of Vin & Sprit AB to French Pernod Ricard in 2008, it was decided that the collection was of particular cultural and historical value to Sweden, and that it would be retained by the Swedish state. Today, the Museum of Spirits is its own foundation, but was originally established as a corporate museum for Vin & Sprit AB. It was deemed to be very fitting that this art collection would have its new home at the museum, in order to be shown to art enthusiasts and the general public.