Caroline Yates is interested in the emotional dynamics and physical choreography of groups. Tinged with a nostalgic, sometimes idealised notion of family.

Playing a scene of conviviality, capturing a transient moment - eating, talking, playing.The source of most of these paintings have been appropriated from anonymous home movies, and the poem “Where the Picnic Was” by Thomas Hardy. Hardy is revisiting a place, catching sight of the very spot where he and those to whom he speaks once burned a fire “the spot still shows”.Caroline is a graduate of The Royal College of Art and her work is held in collections both here in the UK and internationally.

She has also on a number of occasions had her work featured in the RA summer show. She paints in oils on board and canvas, heavily diluted to start and adding more oil/pigment in layers and using tools to scrape, smear and erase.Where the Picnic was marks Caroline's fourth solo show with Hicks Gallery. We are thrilled to present this incredible new collection of works, from one of the UK's foremost living artists.