This dual exhibition at GALERIE PRISKA PASQUER presents two artists who approach the world through classical painterly means. The small-format oil paintings and monotypes by ALBRECHT SCHÄFER (b. 1967 in Stuttgart) stem from the observation of real objects in space; the black-and-white watercolors by RADENKO MILAK (b. 1980 in Travnik, Bosnia) are based on contemporary and art-historical image sources.

The parallel presentation of these two positions clearly demonstrates the potential of contemporary image production. Whereas ALBRECHT SCHÄFER withdraws into the closed cosmos of his studio to concentrate on small, analog objects such as stones or an architectural model, RADENKO MILAK filters out significant motifs from the masses of existing images and interprets them anew. Especially for this exhibition, he created a monumental watercolor measuring 2 x 6 meters, which forms a counterpole to SCHÄFER’s small oil paintings.

Yet as different as their approaches, creative processes, techniques, formats and subjects are, in the end, both artists’ works revolve around the small within the large and the large within the small – which, taken together, form the bigger picture.