A Natural Selection brings together an international line-up of artists specialising in sculpture, ceramics or metalwork who interpret and express the natural world around them in different ways. The work is connected by subject and the outcome delicate and sublime; A Natural Selection is a deliberate, monochromatic tone poem. Every work speaks of the preservation of time; a history of still life or nature morte, naturalism and hyper-realism from either Western or Eastern traditions of painting, horticultural obsession or decorative art history.

Exploring the relationship between the artist, material and expression, A Natural Selection includes artists from the East who have received art education in the West, and artists from the West who perhaps owe much to the influence of Asia. This exhibition exemplifies a continuing fascination for the natural world and contemporary still life.

Exhibiting artists include: Mary Bourne, Hitomi Hosono, Françoise Joris, Takuya Kamiyama, Angus McFadyen, Theresa Nguyen, Katie Spragg, Kaori Tatebayashi and Peter Ting.