Artist Alma Heikkilä has been invited to create a work of art for the Kiasma Commission by Kordelin series. The theme in Heikkilä’s art centres around objects that are beyond normal human perception, such as microscopic bacteria. In her large-format paintings, she calls our attention to the importance of such minuscule species.

Heikkilä works in an age of environmental crises, climate change and mass extinction. Pressured by crises, she seeks to find new and alternative ways to work, think and act as an artist. She recognises and acknowledges the impacts of her work and her own role in a multispecies world.

A multidisciplinary approach comes naturally to Heikkilä.

Alma Heikkilä (b. 1984) lives and works in Helsinki and Hyrynsalmi. She graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2009.

She has shown her work in solo exhibitions at Casco Art Institute in 2018, Gallery Ama in 2017 and 2013, EMMA in 2015 and elsewhere. She is a founding member of the Mustarinda Association. Heikkilä was awarded the Ducat Prize of the Finnish Art Society in 2014.

Kiasma Commission by Kordelin is a new project sponsored by the Alfred Kordelin Foundation. It involves the production of a commissioned installation once a year that is then added to the collections of Kiasma and the Finnish National Gallery.