See this film. Sing your song!

(CineSource Magazine)

After a lifetime of hiding one's singing voice, the passage of 'coming out of the cave' is a personal journey often requiring profound courage and self-acceptance. Filmed in North America, Europe, Australia and India, this is the third feature from 'In Search of the Great Song', the award-winning documentary series exploring and celebrating the music that lives in all of us.

As told through spoken insights and original music of voice educators, artists and people on the 'road of vocal recovery', a global epidemic of silenced song is being met by an irrepressible uprising of the primal urge to sing. Whether you adamantly believe you can't sing or absolutely love the sound of your own voice, a diversity of perspectives brings hope, humor and possibility to this intimate yet universal phenomenon, with imagery of flowing water and birdsong woven throughout, echoing the endless flow of natural creativity.

You can’t resist singing, after watching this film. Highly recommended!

(Nicol Matt, Conductor, Chamber Choir of Europe)

Your voice is the muscle and messenger of your soul. This is an essential film for discovering the profound role sound and singing plays in transforming our communication in all realms of life.

(Chloe Goodchild- Singer, voice pioneer, author & founder of The Naked Voice)

Spectacular! Made me weep. A celebration of the unquenchable song in every heart and the courage it can take to emerge from hiding.

(Ondrea Levine, author)

Strong, profound, touching and inspiring!

(Ludwig Valenta, filmmaker, Vienna)

You have captured and offered that which rises within us and is beyond our presence. My hope and prayer is that this film become a part of the library of every school that teaches music, and seen by every teacher of voice and music

(Shuddha Anami, Gujarat, India)

A penetrating and healing journey into the part of all of us that wants to sing--not just vocally, but to sing our soul's song on the magnificent majestic stage of life. If you have ever felt shy about showing up, this film will give you a welcome boost to your next masterful expression.

(Alan Cohen, author)

Screenings: -Vienna, Austria: 6. May 8:15 PM, Burg Kino -Gutersloh, Germany: 10. May 7:30 PM, Bambi und Löwenherz -Bielefeld, Germamy: 13. May 6:30 PM, Kamera Filmkunsttheater -Hamburg, Germany: 19. May 8::30 PM, Kirche der Stille