An unconventional, multimedia, and narrative exhibition dedicated to the life and work of Andrzej Wajda, illustrating the genius of this great producer, master of dramaturgy, and creator of unforgettable images. We plunge into the world of the films and theatrical presentations of the great Master.

The exposition will be based on magnificent artefacts left behind by Wajda; screenplays, sketches, drawings, notes made during the creative process, props and costumes, scenery designs, and documentation.

The exhibition will allow not only the process through which Wajda’s films were made to be explored, but will also illustrate the mechanisms by which they were created and the context in which they arose, in the institutional, production, censorship, organisational, and management of collaborators aspects, as well as in the original, artistic sense, demonstrating the genius of this particular artist.

The exhibition will allow visitors to immerse themselves in the world of film, via images, sounds, and scenographic reinterpretations of original decorations. This will open up the world of film magic, showing its power of illusion, and letting viewers experience the cinema in a sensual, narrative, and scenographic form.