At once poetic and engaged, conceptual and sensitive, personal and collective, the work of Luxembourg artist Bert Theis (1952-2016) grew out of a reflection on the role art can play in society. Most notably it led to the creation of “platforms” and “pavilions” in various cities across Europe and Asia that were intended to be taken over by visitors, passers-by and locals; these were spaces for rest, contemplation, exchange or action, spaces where the idea of a “concrete utopia” takes shape.

On the occasion of the retrospective exhibition dedicated to his work running from 30 March to 25 August, 2019, Mudam Luxembourg – Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean joins forces with various cultural partners to showcase an ensemble of works, both existing or recreated, and create a “Bert Theis Archipelago” in Luxembourg and beyond. Thanks to their diversity, these projects bring to life the many facets of Bert Theis’ oeuvre and testify to the significance of his legacy.