The exhibition catalogue, with a text by Angela Madesani, is in course of publication.

Galleria Fumagalli presents the double solo exhibition by Filippo Armellin and Mattia Bosco, for the first time invited to invest the gallery’s spaces and to bring their own photographic and sculptural works into dialogue. As the title, “IN | ORIGINE”, suggests the exhibition offers a visual experience on the theme of the origin, both as a formation and sedimentation of the natural matter and as an archetype or form of thought and human imagination.

Filippo Armellin creates images of desert and disindividualized places, made at the same time fictitious and real, thanks to photography. These environments represent an imaginary in which progress has taken over man and the future has come to fruition by encountering the origin again. Mattia Bosco searches for the origin by exploring the boundaries of the tangible and the spaces that exceed the limits of reality, finding in the stone the sign of this principle. By intervening on mineral aggregates, he transforms the material not only in its conformation but also with the addition of external bodies.