Project for Empty Space is pleased to present Narrative Threads a group exhibition of work by Aimee Gilmore, Katrina Majkut, Julie Marie Seibert, fayemi shakur, Sara Jimenez, and Sophia Wallace. This exhibition is a culmination of work created by the artists during their residency at the annual Feminist Incubator. Narrative Threads will open on Wednesday, March 27th from 6pm - 9pm. The reception is free and open to the public.

A common purpose amongst these six cultural practitioners is the idea of connectivity through reconstructed (or newly constructed) narratives. Each creator comes to the conversation via different media and discipline; including poetry, textile/thread based work, performance, book arts, and interactive installation, to name a few. What binds them together is their interest in reclaiming autonomy, agency, and ownership through storytelling. For far too long the stories of female-identified people have been codified through the lens of the outsider; leaving little to no room for some semblance of truth on the terms of the subjects.

Every project within this exhibition is built on the voices of multiple contributors. Some projects, such as those by fayemi shakur, and Aimee Gilmore, rely on active collaboration with other women as the foundation of their works. Other works, in particular the embroidered portraits by Julie Marie Siebert, highlight and pay homage to prominent contemporary Women of Color who are making dynamic socio-political shifts. Installations and didactic materials by Katrina Majkut and Sophia Wallace acknowledge, deconstruct, and rebuild narratives around women’s health and safety. Multifaceted performance and video works by Sara Jimenez looks introspectively as a way to acknowledge the importance of self-generated narratives.