The first Jumbo Jet retired and converted into a hotel is here! The name of the hotel is Jumbo Stay and with 27 rooms and 75 beds, this c1976 Jumbo Jet, accommodates numerous guests every day.

Visitors can choose between a couple of en-suite rooms, budget dormitory, twin and three-bed combination rooms with shared shower and toilet in the hallway; or they can choose a luxury suite in the converted cockpit with the panoramic view of the airport. At Jumbo Stay guests are guaranteed a unique and outstanding experience.

The jet also offers a room to conduct business; in fact, the first class lounge has been converted to hold conferences for up to 8 people.

This unique hotel is housed in a former Boeing 747 jumbo jet, and it stands right next to Arlanda Airport, in Stockholm, Sweden. It offers free airport bus transportation, free Wi-Fi, and early breakfast.

Perhaps, spending the night on a jet could be the first step for those who are afraid to fly or to even be on a plane.