In Christine’s work, precise grid systems give both order and fluidity. Evoking a vast plane of vision and possibility, the field of horizontal and vertical lines are a foundation for notes of colour and texture to emerge spontaneously. The gridded images offer a sense of expansion towards or into a light, yet are anchored quite specifically in the mesh of an earthly reality.

The works are a profound representation of one’s relationship, through Nature, to self and cosmos. They are inspired by tapestries, the grid structure taking a direct cue from the warp and weft of woven textiles and traditional fabrics.

The detail in the work gives a multi-dimensional depth that invites the viewer into an experience of the infinite. Loosely textured colours radiate like lights from within the simple landscapes. Muted shadows and ultra-pale whites give nuance to the landscape imagery, but refrain from suggesting a specific form. Like mythology, the works are presented in layers of real and imaginary forms, and the invitation is open to an individuals perception.

Christine Nobel was born in Montreal, Quebec and received her Bachelor of Fine Art from Concordia University and her Masters of Fine Art from York University in Toronto, Ontario. She has had a number of exhibitions in Canada and is part of private and public collections. Outside of her art practice, she has worked in the Education departments at various galleries, including the National Gallery of Canada and the Art Gallery of Ontario. In addition, she has received Visual Artist Grants from the Ontario Arts Council.