Dedicated to p roviding a dynamic platform for undiscovered creative talent throughout Turkey and engaging them with new and established collectors, galleries and curators, Mamut Art Project is happy to announce 50 selected emerging artists for its 7th edition. Directed by Seren Kohen and sponsored by Akkök Holding , 25 female and 25 male artists were selected from 1350 applicants to present more than 500 artworks. Mamut Art Project will be held in Istanbul’s Küçükçiftlik Park between 3-7 April 2019 .

Mamut Art Project's unique rent-free platform offers a distinct alternative to the traditional art fair model, providing 10 square meters of exhibition space to emerging talents to showcase their art practice. As well as providing curatorial guidance, promotional support and networking opportunities during the exhibition, Mamut Art Project is also proud to offer professional development consultancy to each participating artist once the exhibition has closed .

Over the past 2 years Mamut Art Project attracted more than 35,000 visitors and 2019 edition of Mamut secured the highest number of applications . For the 7th edition, 1350 applications were received from undiscovered talents across Turkey.

This year's jury included practicing contemporary artist Memed Erdener a.k.a. Extrastruggle, collector Ari Meşulam , curator and writer Aslı Seven , art historian Professor Dr. Burcu Pelvanoğlu and founder of Pi Artworks Gallery Yeşim Turanlı .

In its 7th edition, the project will exhibit artworks across a wide range of disciplines including painting, sculpture, collage, photography, textile and digital art. Over 50 artists will be given a free platform to explore new forms and materials; contribute to global contemporary issues; and reframe individual expression.

The artworks on display this year will focus on themes such as immigration, family, cultural heritage, alienated identities, physical incompatibilities and dystopia, reflecting the mood of the young generation growing up in a socially and politically challenging environment in Turkey. In their self-censored, autobiographical and inward art practices, artists aim to create an alternative world where they can express their thoughts and emotions freely.

Amongst 50 participating artists, Çağan Okuyan will display a collection of works including sculpture, photography and video, reflecting the changing kebab culture introduced by Turkish immigrants in Europe. Çağan’s family are kebab-makers living in X and his installation Mamut, titled “The Kebab Project” will explore his personal connection with the profession. Born in Iran, Maral Mavizi , the only participating artist that's not based in Turkey, will present a video featuring real footage of the war in Iran which narrates the story of her mother’s immigration from Iran to Sweden.

Artist Yahya Yazı and his family were forced by the government to leave their hometown in the East. Yahya sees found objects as silent witnesses of our memories. Installations that he creates with these objects are a tribute to people who have had to flee their homes for political reasons, leaving most of their belongings behind. By finding a new purpose for the objects and injecting his installations with colour, the artist transforms images of ruins into images of pleasure.

Barbaros Kayan will present a photography project in which he layers images from refugee camps in Turkey with silhouette-shaped scenes of ruins and destruction in Syria. These figures thus carry their memories with them. He has been travelling back and forth between Turkey and Syria under very challenging circumstances for 3 years in order to realise this project. Özüm Koşar on the other hand, will exhibit shredded body sculptures, made up of fibres, socks and nylon, reflecting the self-destructing process of women to transform their bodies into an ideal form. She describes this as a transform into an organ of the great “or-ganism” called power and named her series “Organs Without Bodies”.

Mamut Art Project will offer parallel events to visitors to enhance their experience. 2019 edition is happy to launch Mamut Shots , a motivational talk series to be held by creative industry leaders from different fields. Mamut Shots aims to exchange knowledge and inspire the audience.

In its 4th edition, Mamut Performances program will continue to contribute to the ongoing development of performance art in Turkey. KRÜW , a collaboration with a collective of 20 Istanbul-based artists from different fields including illustrators, sculptors and street artists will create a series of works exclusive of Mamut’s 7th edition. KRÜW’s works will be editioned as attractively priced silkscreen prints throughout the Mamut event. Finally, Mamut Kids section will provide children the chance to participate in interactive, colourful, fun and accessible activities focusing on process and experience.