A member of the De Stijl group, Piet Mondrian is best known for his early, pared-down abstract paintings and his squares of red, yellow and blue. In this unique exhibition at the Musée Marmottan Monet, opening in September 2019, the emphasis is on his figurative work.

Some sixty outstanding paintings that Mondrian himself chose in about 1920 for his biggest collector, Salomon B. Slijper, are being presented in this exclusive Parisian show which reveals a little-known facet of this artist’s career.

Landscapes, portraits and flower paintings marked by Impressionism, Luminism, the Fauves and Symbolism face the occasional Cubist and Neoplasticist compositions, showing Mondrian to be one of the finest colourists of his day and one of the great 20th-century masters of figurative painting. An invitation to discover a different Mondrian.