"Farzad affirms in the series, Stories of US that 'all of US being the same yet different' to be 'a record of our everyday life in a way, making connections, making relationships and how we interact with each other, basically life as a form.' These small groups of borderless paintings, painted on circular wooden panels of two to three different sizes are an inspired attempt to create meaning that furthers his ideas and ideals to engender meaning.

These sublime spheres, perfectly floating before US, in pastels or deeply colored, are marked by a leathery patina; one that seems to have been observed in a distant planet or moon seen from earth, its hues vibrant and monochromatic, all different yet bound by similarities in size and texture, stationed in static caveats."

Excepted from the essay, Everyday...In the Absense of Words, on the work of Farzad Kohan by Shaheen Merali, 2019.