The most comprehensive exhibition ever mounted on tyrannosaurs is coming to the National Museum of Scotland! Tyrannosaurs will explore the most feared and revered of all dinosaurs, bringing the latest palaeontological discoveries to life and challenging preconceptions about these ferocious predators.

While the most famous of the species is the mighty T. rex, tyrannosaurs came in all shapes and sizes, and their history extends over 100 million years.

The exhibition will feature extremely rare fossil specimens, cast skeletons – including one of ‘Scotty’, one of the largest and most complete T. rex skeletons in the world – and incredible models of feathered dinosaurs. Visitors will also be able to explore the diversity of tyrannosaur skulls and find out what variations in structure can tell us about different hunting and feeding strategies.

Tyrannosaurs uses cutting-edge technology, including hands-on and multimedia experiences to and an interactive augmented reality experience where visitors can play with life-sized dinosaurs in the gallery.

Despite their final demise during one of Earth’s biggest mass extinction events, tyrannosaurs live on both in popular imagination and even through to their present-day bird cousins.

Tyrannosaur research is one of the hottest areas in palaeontology – several species have been described in just the past decade – and exciting new discoveries are regularly re-drawing the family tree. Discover how tyrannosaurs fit into the dinosaur family tree and explore the key features that define a tyrannosaur – features that make them different from other dinosaur groups.