We have noticed that worlds inside and around us are in constant movement. Things that are heading somewhere, but aren’t anywhere yet, are in between. They change. The change is present in the way we treat the things that used to be convenient just a while ago.

The change is present in the way how we see and show ourselves. The change is present in our perception of surroundings, a consistent product of our individually filtered minds – a whole new universe we have created.

In this exhibition, Photofuss, the youth group of Finnish Museum of Photography, presents thoughts on things that are undergoing change. The exhibition is built by group members Vladislav Bakanov, Iris Blauberg, Aku Eloranta, Sonja Hyytiäinen, Aina-Emelie Kaila, Ronn Keinänen, Oksana Lebedeva, Pinja Nikki, Karoliina Redsven, Elle Sumelius, Ronja Tammenpää and Oona Österman.