Gallery Julian Sander is very pleased to show a Retrospective of award-winning photographer Alfredo Srur. The Artist was born in Buenos Aires in 1977 and studied film production at the University of California. Since 2000 he has developed documentarian projects in Colombia, Honduras, Ecuador, Argentina and Peru. He has held teaching positions in major Argentinean institutions, and his work was subject of many solo and group exhibitions in South America and his work can be found in private and public art collections. Alfredo Srur lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Srur is known for his direct and unadorned documentaries of people and places in the rougher lane of life. In his projects he exposes himself, psychologically and physically, to different scenarios and situations where he originally did not belong. These experiences changed the way he sees his life. In his photographs, he then tries to translate these impressions into a visual world. The Gallery Julian Sander will throw a light on five of the artists many Projects, that reflect this side of his work: “Heridas”, Alfredo Srur’s first solo exhibition in Europe, which challenges our common assumptions about marginality. The social documentation tells us a story of violence, loss, broken dreams, and the tenderness that permeates the shadows of the shantytown. “Ciudades del Este” (2008), a documentation in collaboration with the Spanish Cooperation Center of the communities located on the tri-border area along the junction of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. The project “Familias“ (Families), shows life portraits of three families, whose parents were involved in the Argentine pornographic industry. Portraits and landscapes of the southern neighborhoods of the city of Buenos Aires, where Srur lives are part of the series “Zona Sur” (South Zone). „Geovany no quiere ser Rambo. Una historia de Medellín.“ (Geovany doesn’t want to be Rambo. A story from Medellin), in turn documents the life of a young member of Los Rambos (The Rambos) gang, in whose house Srur lived for three weeks in 2001 and went back almost 20 years later.

His work is a compound of deep social observation, political commentary and compositional grace. Working primarily in the analog medium of photography, Srur has ammased a body of works that bear witness to the churning develop- ments within Argentina, Peru, Brazil and Uruguay. The images speak of hope and difficulty, and love. Argentinian Photography is little known in Europe, and as such we are very pleased to host this very important Retrospektive.